Third Reich impressive "Kriegskameraden" sculpture - C. Tausch

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Third Reich sculpture "Kriegskameraden" (war comrades). The figure is an exact period time reproduction of the original. Probably a licensed product. Made from zinc. Bronzed. Showing two weary horses after a battle. "C. Tausch" artist signature. 

Width: 45.5 cm. Height: 33 cm. Weight: 16.3 kg.

No damage. Partially corroded.

Signs of age. Condition 2-.

The original sculpture was exhibited in the "Großen Deutschen Kunstausstellung" 1943 in Munich ("Haus der Kunst"). Made by Curt Tausch (1899-1969). He was a German sculptor and works among other things for the well-known porcelain manufactory KPM in Berlin. Including an original Hoffmann-postcard which shows the sculpture.


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