Heer M43 Gebirgsjäger field tunic - Obergefreiter

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Heer M43 field tunic with fully postwar re-applied insignia. All insignia, however, are original and most are nicely matching in patina and condition.

Maschine-woven collar tabs (machine-attached) and breast eagle (hand-attached). Embroidered Edelweiss sleeeve badge (machine-attached) and rank sleeve badge (hand-attached). Re-attached Iron Cross ribbon. Postwar added loops for awards. 

The shoulder board buttons are re-attached. All other buttons look to be originally attached. The shoulder board loops are reconstructed.

Silk lining with size markings and a "Reichsbetriebsnummer" stamp. Postwar added "Obergefreiter Strasser, Johann" name tag who served with Geb.Jäg.Rgt.139. The name tag itself is original.

No moth holes but very well worn.

Medium size

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