Hptm. Külken - Art.Rgt.22 parade tunic

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Heer parade tunic for a Hauptmann serving with Artillerie-Regiment 22. According to our consignor, it belonged to Hauptmann Horst Külken (13.10.1918 - 10.12.2014). Külken was awarded the German Cross in gold on 7.12.1944 serving as company leader of 5./Artillerie-Regiment 236.

Külken was commissioned at II./Artillerie-Regiment 22 in October 1940. From 1942 until 1943, he served in Afrika with Kampfgruppe Buhse. From 1943, he served with Artillerie-Regiment 236 until the end of the war.

Heer parade tunic for a Hauptmann with Artillerie-Regiment 22 shoulder boards. Machine-attached collar tabs. Shoulder boards and collar tabs are nicely matching. The hand-embroidered breast eagle, however, is slightly corroded. It is attached by hand.

A parade aiguillette is attached to a button underneath the shoulder board. Loops for a German Cross in gold as well as three more awards. One more pair of loops look to have been removed. Hand-attached "Ostvolk Decoration" ribbon. A 3 place ribbon bar attached to loops. Hand-attached Krim Shield on green army backing. Hand-attached machine-embroidered cuff title "AFRIKA".

Silk lining. No name tag or tailor's tag. 

Good condition. Some signs of use. One hole to the collar.

Medium size. Condition 2.

Please note there is no proof that is belonged to Horst Külken. See also: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2204659&postcount=30 and http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=907904&highlight=k%FClken


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