Hptm. Schöbitz (Knight's Cross) - Aufkl.Gr.32 photo grouping

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Hauptmann Erst Schöbitz (30.11.1915 - 12.10.2003) served as a Gebirgsjäger after several years as a Luftwaffe officer flying for Aufklärungsgruppe 12. Quite an unusual, however, very successful career. Schöbitz was awarded the German Cross on 26.11.1943 and the Knight's Cross on 5.9.1944 serving with 11(H)/Aufklärungsgruppe 12.

Please see other lots to Schöbitz in this catalogue. Besides his personal photo grouping, we have his field tunic and visor cap available.


There are three unique chronicles part of the grouping which were done by photo specialists of 3.(H)/Aufklärungsgruppe 32. They were certainly made in a very low number. The examples part of the grouping could the only example still existing today. 

The first chronicle album "Aufklärung gegen Frankreich" documents the recon work done by 3.(H)/Aufklärungsgruppe 32 from 10. - 24.6.1940. It provides an overview of their part of the France Campaign from a tactical point of you.

Another chronicle album "Feldzug gegen Frankreich" is exactly on the same time, but has the focus on the unit history and comes with many interesting photos of the soldiers. In addition, there is a document of Bogatsch added as well as a small unit history booklet. The cord is damaged by still there.

The last chronicle album is named "Sommerschlacht um den Orelbogen and documents the time from 5.7. - 31.8.1943. 

All three books are very rare. In addition, there are 38 original large size recon photographs taken by Schöbitz. Most of them are named. Furthermore, there are 93 small size Luftwaffe photographs as well as his personal dog tag with original lanyard.


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