Luftwaffe "Hermann Göring" Nachrichten tunic - Feldwebel

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Interesting Luftwaffe 4-pocket tunic to a Nachrichten Feldwebel who served with division "Hermann Göring". The tunic was once privately purchased and sold as a brown piped Nachrichten tunic. The soldier would have later transferred to "Hermann Göring" troops and added white colored Feldwebel collar tabs as well as the correct white piping to the collar. He didn't not bother changing his shoulder boards, however, still indicating he served as a signal troops member. A very interesting "non-textbook" detail which makes this tunic even more interesting.

The right sleeve comes with a black (!) HERMANN GÖRING cuff title. A fine machine-embroidered NCO's type. No damage. Attached by hand.

Early 1st pattern "drop-tail" breast eagle. Machine-embroidered. Period time attached by hand.There is a pair of loops for wearing one award.

Inside the inner pocket is a "GEMAG WILHELM HELWEG" tailor's tag which is, however, blank. Fine silk lining.

Good condition 2. No moth damage. Medium size.

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