Ofw. Zimmermann - M43 field tunic with medals

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

A stunning Heer M43 field tunic with period time attached insignia. Excellent condition and complete with all medals. According to our consignor, it belonged to Knight's Cross winner and Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Zimmermann, born on 21.3.1920 in Stuttgart. Zimmermann was awarded the Close Combat Clasp for at least 15 days of close combat and the Knight's Cross on 23.10.1944 serving as a platoon leader with 6./Grenadier-Regiment 80. Please see the next lot for his document and photo grouping.

Machine-attached EM/NCO collar tabs and tress. Dark green early Oberfeldwebel infantry slip-on shoulder boards. Attached to the original loops and buttons.

Machine-embroidered EM/NCO breast eagle. Period time attached by hand. Please note that this tunic would obviously have left the factory with a machine-woven breast eagle. And you can still see some threads of the first eagle left. However, it was absolutely typical for soldiers to prefer the more early and elegant "M36" style and did like to change insignia to the early dark green cloth badges. Please note that the shoulder boards were added by the last owner.

Originally attached loops for two badges to the breast pocket. The Iron Cross is attached through a hole by a screw-back. The Close Combat Clasp in bronze (a very nice example by A.G.M.u.K with blue finished back-plate) is attached through the cloth due to the lack of loops.

All buttons are complete. Specialists will note that the tunic was slightly shortened period time to fit his size. Fine silk lining. No markings.

No damage. Condition 1. Medium size.

Infantry Assault Badge in silver. R.S. maker marked. Zinc. 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class on screw-back. L/16 maker marked. Nice condition.

Zinc Wound Badge in silver. L/22 marked. Unmarked 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class. Unmarked East Medal. Both medals with original ribbons.

Including a modern color photocopy of a portrait photo showing Zimmermann.

The Zimmermann grouping was bought by Thies auction without shoulder straps and the small 34.I.D. booklet (see other lot). Please see last picture for his catalogue information and photos.

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