Olt. Otto Schulz - personal 4-pocket tunic

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Personal service tunic to Oberleutnant Otto Schulz who was credited with 51 victories in approximately 400 missions. Schulz was awarded the Knight's Cross on 22.2.1942 as an Oberfeldwebel serving with Jagdgeschwader 27. He was promoted to the rank of Leutnant in April 1942 when he had purchased this tunic. The name tag still shows his name as "Oberfähnrich Schulz". The name tag is "April 1942" dated. 

Fine privately purchased 4-pocket service tunic for a flying troops Oberleutnant (his last rank). Tailored by "Wittmann Bürnberg". A tailor's tag is hand-attached to the fine silk lining. 
Machine-attached collar tabs. Hand-attached hand-embroidered officer's breast eagle. Loops for a German Cross to the left breast pocket. Several more loops to the left breast pocket as well as one hole for an Iron Cross 1st Class worn with a screw-back. 
Hand-attached AFRIKAKORPS cuffband. Folded before attached. Not in full length.

Very nice condition. Medium size.

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