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Grouping to Dr.Herbert Sohler. Sohler commanded U-10 in 1938 and U-46 from November 1938 until May 1940 for five patrols (133 days) sinking two ships (7952t).  He was replaced by commander Engelbert Endrass and became commander of the 7.U-Flottille at St.Nazaire from Juli 1940 until February 1944. Sohler was born on 25.7.1908 and died on 22.6.1991.
Two handwritten logbooks by Herbert Sohler. Both are named to Sohler. One starts on 1.7.1928 and ends on 4.8.1929. The second book starts on 5.8.1929 and ends on 11.12.1929. Several hundred handwritten pages including drawings of maps of naval routes. Postcards and a pasted article on the S.M.S Emden. Good condition. Size: 23cm + 28cm each.
A fine and unique brass plaque given to Sohler as outgoing chief of 7-U-Flottille which he commanded from July 1940 until February 1944. Engraved writing and signatures of various well known U-Boot commanders including Erich Topp. Size: 30cm + 10cm.
Period time framed photograph of U-46 commanded by Sohler from November 1938 until May 1940. It was taken before commissioned. 19.9.1938 dated and signed (ink) by Erich Topp (1.WO) and and LI (unknown to us). No glass. Size: 28cm + 38cm.
A wooden U-boat crest showing the emblem 10.U-Flottille (period time painted) with original paper to the back. Dedicated to Herbert Sohler as chief of 7.U-Flottille. Lorient, Summer 1943 dated. Signed by chief of the 10.U-Flottille, Korvettenkapitän Günter Kunhke (Knight´s Cross on 19.9.1940). Size: 19,5cm + 23cm.

 Ceramic wall decoration plate "H.S.Flottille St.Nazaire". Crest to the front. A original paper to the reverse dedicating it to "Korvettenkapitän Herbert Sohler" as "Chef der Stierflottille" to commemorate Hafenschutzflottille St.Nazaire. Signed by the deputy chef of the Flotille. No chips or damage. Diameter: 22cm.
Kriegsmarine bakelite whistle on original lanyard.
Period time award documents:
- Certificate to War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords to Korvettenkapitän Herbert Sohler. 20.1.1944 dated. Facsimile signed by Friedeburg, Admiral, Kommandierender Admiral der Unterseeboote. Not folded. Excellent condition. 
- Certificate to War Merit Cross 1st Class to Korvettenkapitän Herbert Sohler. 30.1.1945 dated. Ink signed by a Kapitänleutnant. "Kommando der Marinestation der Ostsee" stamped. Not folded. Good condition.
- Green award booklet for the German Riders Badge in bronze. Issued to Sohler in 1931.
- Award booklet for the German Sports Badge in silver. Issued to Sohler in November 1940. Nice period time photograph in uniform.
Other period time documents:
- 1933 dated "Führerschein für Seefahrt" to Wohler. His sailing boat license.
- 1938 dated Nordseestationtagesbefehl"
- Important "Bescheinigung" signed by Kapitän zur See Wolfgang Lüth, recipient of the Knight´s Cross with Oak Leaf, Swords and Diamonds. It confirms Sohler as a battalion commander of a "Sonderbataillon zur Verfügung des Oberbefehlshabers der Kriegsmarine".
- 1928 dated death notice of his father Wilhelm Sohler. Sent to to Herbert Sohler serving with Kreuzer Emden on 20.12.1928.
- August 1938 dated postcard showing U-32:
"Meinem lieben Wohler". To remember the time on U-32. Signed by later Oberleutnant zur See Hans Jenisch, last commander of U-32 (10 patrols), Lohner and one unidentified sailor.
- March 1928 dated telegramm to Sohler calling him for service
One nice original photograph of Sohler in a period time frame. Original glass. Paper tag to the reverse. Size: 18,5cm + 23,5cm. One original studio portrait photo in size 9cm + 13cm. One postwar hardcover photograph showing Sohler next to Dönitz during a parade. Two postwar postcards. One sent to Sohler´s wife Lotte Sohler from Herbert Horn.
Postwar papers and documents:
Various important postwar POW related documents providing a lot of details on Sohler´s wartime service.  His postwar international drivers license (1961) with a nice photograph.
Personal letter sent from Karl Dönitz (18.10.56 dated) "Lieber Sohler!". Signed by Dönitz. He thanks Sohler for sending his dissertation "U-Bootkrieg und Vökerrecht" which was also presented to the Imperal War Museum in London by the way. There a nice folder full of documents related to his dissertation including many interesting autographs.
Finally, death cards of Sohler as well as handwritten letters about the preparation of his funeral on sea. 
A great grouping to a well known U-Boot officer. Certainly an important piece of history.

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