Important Führerbegleitkommando photo - signed

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Auction ended: July 12, 2015
Rare period time photograph of Adolf Hitler standing in his Mercedes. He is surrounded by SS men of his personal "Begleitkommando". Commander of the Führerbegleitkommando was Bruno Gesche (from 1945 until 1944). He was degraded from an SS-Obersturmbannführer to a SS-Unterscharführer and sent to the front in December 1944. He was replaced by SS-Obersturmbannführer Franz Schädle.
Both signed to the back of this photograph which was sent to August Herbert from Detmold who was also serving with the Führerbegleitkommando.
"Zur Erinnerung an seine Kameraden der Leibgarde des Führers"
"Bruno Gesche" signed with pencil to the top. "Franz Schädle" signed with ink to the left bottom. Furthermore there is Julius Schreck ("Schreck, right bottom) and Kurt Gildisch (also commander of the Begleitkommando, murderer of Erich Klausener during the "Röhm Putsch"). One signature is unknown to us. It reads "Franz Krestler".
Signs of use. Condition 3. A very important piece of history.
Part of his offer is a replica photo of Himmler congratulating members of the Führerbegleitkommando at the Wolf´s Lair. You can see Rattenhuber, Kempka (Hitler´s driver), Gesche and Schädle.

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