U-328 German submarine wall clock

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Original WWII period time u-boat clock out of the German U-Boot U-328. It was part of a Dutch naval collection proofed by the inventory tag "1409" to the reverse. It originally turned up at a flea market in Amsterdam in the late 1980s and looks to be a souvenir of a British soldier who was part of operation "deadlight" in 1945. 

U-Boot Bordchronometer. Number: 6210 (see paper tag). Mounted on the original wood coming out of the U-Boot. U-328 was commanded by Oberleutnant zur See Dr. Hans-Ulrich Scholle in 1945. It was to be destroyed at Scapa Flow in November 1945.

Typical brass body with nice patina. Fine dial with originally engraved "M" marking and national eagle. Original glass.

Overall size: 42cm x 27cm. Diameter of the dial: 16,5cm.

Moving the clock carefully has started it for a few seconds. It worked. However, due to the lack of a matching key, we are not able to properly test it over a longer period.



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