Important Henschel Flugzeugwerke document grouping

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Auction ended: July 3, 2016
Important document grouping to Fritz Außenleitner serving for the aircraft firm HENSCHEL at "Erprobungsstelle der Luftwaffe Karlshagen". The lot contains extremely rare documents.
His color "Erprobungsstelle der Luftwaffe Karlshagen" "Zusatzausweis" ID. His personal "Henschel Flugzeug-Werke AG" permission to work at the plant. Two rare "Sondergenehmigung" documents. His Kennkarte, Wehrmacht Flak.Rgt.38 drivers license, his yellow driving instructor license, A special driver's log for his motorbike "Fahrtnachweis Nr.7" where he had to write down the reason for his travels. All are connected with this work.
Two "Bescheinigung" which were special permission to travel for Heinkel. Late 1944/45 Henschel related documents. Late January 1945 Henschel document thanking Außenleitner for a proposal to safe time and costs.
Certificate to the Sudetenland Medal, a rare red Heimat-Artillerie-Part 11 ID card for his wife, several other period time as well as postwar documents.
"Schönefelder Feldpost" which is all Henschel plant.

(Henschel Flugzeugwerke - Bedeutende Dokumentengruppe)

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