Adolf Hitler signed grouping to Goethe Medal recipient Professor S.

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Important grouping to Oberfeldarzt d.R. Professor Dr. Herbert S., born on 14.4.1892. Prof. S. was awarded the "Goethe-Medaille für Kunst und Wissenschaft" Adolf Hitler in 1944. He worked at the "wissenschaftlichen Beirat des Generalkommissars für das Sanitäts- und Gesundheitswesen" of Karl Brandt, Hitler's personal "Begleitarzt".  The grouping comes with a promotion certificate which is originally signed by Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring.

4.9.1935 issued certificate promoting Prof.S. an "ordentlichen Professor" at the Kiel University. The document comes with original ink signature of Hermann Göring and Adolf Hitler.
DIN A4 size. Folded once. 4 pages.

Certificate to the War Merit Cross 1st Class with swords. Issued on 1.9.1943 and signed by "Generaloberstabsarzt und Heeres-Sanitätsinspekteur" Siegfried Handloser. A very rare autograph. Handloser was convicted at the "Nürnberger Ärzteprozess" in 1947.
Excellent condition. Not folded.

Certificate to the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords issued on 1.3.1941 A very rare "von Stülpnagel" issued document with an original signature of Generalarzt Dr. Wagner.
Not folded. Good condition.

Certificate to the Honor Cross of WW1, A WHW donation certificate. Certificate to the 25 years Faithful Service Cross. 

Various uniform "Bezugsschein" documents as well as train tickets as well as important documents allowing Prof. S. to transport important medical items.

1943 dated Oberfeldarzt promotion certificate along with a letter sent from the Korpsarzt.
A 1.9.1942 dated confirmation of the award of the East Medal. Signed by a Oberfeldarzt.

1943 dated "Der Reichsminister für Wissenschaft, Erziehung und Volksbildung" sent letter promoting him a "Rektor der Universität". Original ink signature.

Various period time documents to Prof. Herbert S. including IDs with original attached photographs. HJ related documents to his son Ulrich.

Mother's Cross in bronze certificate to his wife.

A grouping of historical importance.

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