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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Document and photo grouping of Knight's Cross winner and Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Zimmermann, born on 21.3.1920 in Stuttgart. Zimmermann was awarded the Close Combat Clasp for at least 15 days of close combat and the Knight's Cross on 23.10.1944 serving as a platoon leader with 6./Grenadier-Regiment 80.

See the previous lot for his personal field uniform.

10.7.1944 issued Soldbuch with re-attached photograph of Zimmermann wearing the Knight's Cross. Page 3/4 looose. Page 21/22 is loose as well. All awards stamped instead of written to page 22. The Close Combat Clasp in bronze and the Knight's Cross, however, was noted on the award date which was after the Soldbuch was issued. His first Soldbuch was lost.

The swastikas were overpainted with pencil once. It was carefully removed. The Soldbuch comes in its original cover. 

Two original and very late war portrait photos. Soldbuch size. Including the original negative. 

Ausweis - Ersatz für nicht vorhandenes Soldbuch" which issued on 8.6.1945 with originally applied photograph.

Not all of his certificates are still there. There is his 14.9.1943 issued certificate to the Wound Badge in gold including a "Abschrift" (transcription). The certificate is issued to Uffz. Willi Zimmermann serving with 6./Grenadier-Regiment 80. He was injured 5 times. All dates are listed. It is signed by Dr. Albrecht, An Oberstabsarzt at Reserve-Lazarett Celle. Folded twice.

Certificate to the Wound Badge in silver. Issued on 1.3.1943 and signed by Hauptmann Schäfer, his commander of II./Gren.Rgt.80. Folded twice.

There is an original telegram of his batallion commander "Winter" sending congratulations to his Knight's Cross awarding. 
Another letter of congratulation of an Oberbereitsleiter der NSDAP dated 30.10.1944. 

A 34. Infanterie-Division "Tagesbefehl" informing about the brave serving of Zimmermann and his comrade Feils. Generalmajor Scherer gave both one week off.


Part of the grouping is the 1944 printed publication "Hans Liska" showing his collection of printed drawings. It was presented to Zimmermann as a 1944 Christmas present by a Stabsarzt of Reserve-Lazarett Schierke and comes with a nice dedication:

"Dem Ritterkreuzträger Oberfeldw. Willi Zimmermann zur Erinnerung an seine Schierker Lararettzeit Weihnachten 1944".


Photo album with 101 original photographs including some nice portrait photos of Zimmermann. He wears his Knight's Cross on one of them. Used condition 3.

Two original newspaper articles "Einer von der tapferen Infanterie" on Wilhelm Zimmermann telling you how he had won the Knight's Cross in close combat.

Two postwar letters as well as his "Ordensgemeinschaft der Ritterkreuzträge e.V." membership ID card (postwar),

Postwar 23.I.D. chronicle booklet as well as OdR documents.

The Zimmermann grouping was bought by Thies auction without shoulder straps and the small 34.I.D. booklet (see other lot). Please see last picture for his catalogue information and photos.

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