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"Fliegerstaffel des Führers" document grouping - Stalingrad

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Auction ended: March 9, 2019

An extensive document grouping to Stabsfeldwebel Gerhard Heinichen serving with "Fliegerstaffel des Führers" - which was based at the Führerhauptquartier - and Wettererkundungsstaffel 5. A flying unit of the Luftwaffe used for weather reconnaissance. Known as Westa. He was also involved in the Battles of Stalingrad. Proven by his Wehrpass!

Very hard to find!

Certificate to Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge. Issued on 3.6.1936. Original signed. DIN A4 format. 

Certificate to 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class. Issued on 16.3.1944. Signed by General der Flieger Josef Kammhuber (Knight's Cross winner).

Certificate to 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class. Issued on 10.5.1944. Signed by General der Flieger Josef Kammhuber (Knight's Cross winner).

Certificate to Squadron Clasp for Aufklärer in bronze. Issued on 11.1.1944. Signed by an Oberst.

Certificate to Squadron Clasp for Aufklärer in silver. Issued on 8.3.1944. Signed by an Oberst.

Certificate to Squadron Clasp for Aufklärer in gold. Issued on 31.7.1944. Signed by a Generalmajor Ernst-August Roth (Knight's Cross winner).

Award booklet to DRL German Sports Badge in bronze. Issued on 31.3.1938. It comes with a nice portrait photo in Luftwaffe tunic. He wears the Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge. One hole.

Each certificate with two holes.

Wehrpass issued on 10.2.1941 with the original photo. His units listed on page 12. Including two nice entries "1.11.1939 to 5.11.1940 Führerhauptquartier - Fliegerstaffel des Führers" and "6.11.1940 to 20.10.1943 Führer-Kurierstaffel". Awards: Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Luftwaffe Long Service Award 4th Class, Squadron Clasp for Aufklärer in bronze, silver, and gold as well as 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class and 1st Class. Noted on page 21, 23 and 38.

Campaign list from 1.11.39 until 20.11.1944. Please note: "28.2.43 500. Versorgung in Stalingrad" and "1.11.39 to 20.10.1943 Verwendung im Führerhauptquartier". Including 69 sorties (enemy missions) and 141 front missions serving with Westa 5 as well as 12 sorties and 24 enemy missions serving with Westa 3. Registered on page 33. Signed (confirmed) by a Hauptmann and Staffelkapitän.

Luftwaffe "Flugzeugführerschein" pilot's ID-card. Issued on 13.10.1938 with original attached photo. 

Four pre-war flight books. The first book starts on 11. May 1935. Gerhard Heinichen was thus one of the first pilots of the newly founded Luftwaffe (1. March 1935).

Two Luftwaffe promotion certificates. Prompted to Feldwebel and Oberfeldwebel. Each with two holes.

His photo album comes with roughly 103 photos. Shots of his crew, aircraft, photos on which he wears his awards and landscape photographs. The second part of the album consists of photos of his family as well as postwar photographs. Including a nice large-size photo of a German WWII aircraft.

POW "Certificate of Discharge". Dated 25.10.1945.

Furthermore some period time and postwar documents. Please see pictures for more details.

Good condition.

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