Original Adolf Hitler signatures - grouping to Chr.Weisensee

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Auction ended: March 15, 2015
Rare grouping to Oberfinanzpräsident Christian Weisensee which came along with the grouping to this son out of a household clearance. To me information, it was never available on market before.
Large size 4 page certificate of retirement to Oberfinanzpräsident Christian Weisensee. Führerhauptquartier 15.5.1944 issued and original signed by Adolf Hitler. Ink. Internal Ministerial-Kanzlei number to the left bottom. Another original signature (unknown) to the right bottom corner. Document in good condition. No damage. Not folded. In its original hardcover folder with a large gilt national eagle. Size: 36cm + 25,5cm.
DIN A4 size personal letter sent from Adolf Hitler to Christian Weisenbach. 15.5.1944 dated and original ink signed by Adolf Hitler. Original DER FÜHRER letterhead with embossed letters and national eagle. Excellent condition 1. Never folded.
It all came in the original 25.5.1944 dated envelope. REICHSFINANZMINISTER - MINISTERIAL-KANZLEI stamped.
A very rare grouping!
For additional information on Christian Weißensee see:
 Joachim Lilla: Weisensee, Christian, in: ders.: Staatsminister, leitende Verwaltungsbeamte und (NS-)Funktionsträger in Bayern 1918 bis 1945, URL: http://verwaltungshandbuch.bayerische-landesbibliothek-online.de/weisensee-christian

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