Third Reich 4 pictures Adolf Hitler

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Auction ended: July 3, 2016
Lot of four wall pictures of Adolf Hitler. 100% period time and in good condition.
- Small bronzed zinc picture with table stand. "KB" signed. Size: 14cm + 10cm
- Small iron wall picture. Marked to the back. Light rust. Size: 16cm + 12cm
- Wooden wall picture with silver finish metal relief. "Prof.Poertzer" signed. Engraved tag "Für 40 jährige Treue - Gesangverein Westheim Januar 1939". Size: 24cm + 18c.
- Framed photograph. H. Hoffmann signed. Nice condition. Size: 25cm + 31cm
A very nice lot. Untouched. All in good condition.

(Vier Bilder von Adolf Hitler)

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