Luftwaffe General's sabre - Eickhorn

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Auction ended: February 21, 2016
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Very rare Luftwaffe sabre for a General. A high quality textbook example by Eickhorn. Fine etched blade "Der Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Hermann Göring" - "In dankbarer Anerkennung". "Original Eickhorn Solingen" maker marked. Bits of the original gilding left. Pitting and cleaned rust to the blade. Tip slightly damaged.
Brass grip with an orange color handle. Two chips. The screw looks unopened. Fine silver finished eagle. Beautiful ornaments. The sides are opening and closing correctly.
Leather scabbard with original attached brass fittings which do match the patina of the handle. Signs of use and small dents to the scabbard. Black finish of the leather a little shrunk. The bottom fitting can be taken off since the small click is missing. However, it holds properly.
Length: 92cm.
Condition 2.
A very rare piece of history.

(Degen für Generale der Luftwaffe)

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