Unlike traditional auction houses we do offer a full right of return. If you are not satisfied with what you won or bought, you may return it within 14 days. Please inform us and we will instruct you on how to return the goods. For more information, please visit right of revocation.

Important note: Revocating may disappoint the consignor, who like you is a collector. Stating a reason for your revocation is not required, but helps to explain the issue to the previous owner of the item.
By law you can, but this situation is easy to avoid. We encourage you not to bid on any collectable if you are unsure if it fits into your collection. Ask us to cancel your bid prior to the end of an auction to avoid this situation. This way the consignor will not be disappointed when at the end of the auction, your order is cancelled and the item has to be returned to them.
You are welcome to use our pictures for discussion purposes. It will be your responsibility to cover offensive symbols from the 1933-45 period of German history.