SA Service Dagger RZM M7/42 with hangers

Lot 15-302
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Auction ended: May 1, 2016
SA Service Dagger by the maker Weyersberg with an RZM M7/42 maker marked blade. The blade is etched with the motto "Alles für Deutschland". Very nice wooden handle. Matching metal parts to the grip. No damage.
Nice period time brown painted scabbard without dents. Cleaned rust to the reverse of the metal fittings of the blade. 
Matching leather hanger which is marked three times. RZM L2/69/41 to the belt loop, RZM M5/71 OLC to the clipper and again RZM L2/69/41 to the hangers.
Apart from the cleaned rust to the scabbard a very very nice dagger!
Condition 2.

(SA-Dienstdolch M33 "RZM M7/42")

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