Kradsch.Btl.4 Panzer Soldbuch to Uffz. Hegemann

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Auction ended: September 25, 2016
Rare "been there" Soldbuch to Panzer Unteroffizier Wilhelm Hegemann with original applied photograph in hi black Panzer wrapper. Issued on 25.8.1939.
Hegemann served with Radfahr-Abteilung 1, Kradschützen Battalion 4 (Destroyed in Stalingrad in January 1943), 1.Pz.A.A.Rgt. and Div.Feld.Ers.Btl.116.
Awarded the Tank Assault Badge in bronze (24.7.1942), Iron Cross 2nd Class (21.8.1942), Wound Badge in black (15.10.1942), Drivers Badge in gold (22.8.1943) and Iron Cross 1st Class (15.9.1943).
The Soldbuch comes with an empty list for his days of close combat which is very rare.
Notes for his "Tropenbekleidung" uniforms. 
This Soldbuch is literally full of notes! All pages complete. Used!
Intern code: sold4231

(Kradsch.Btl.4 Panzer Soldbuch des Uffz. Hegemann)

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