U-37 uniform grouping for a sailor

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Auction ended: November 27, 2016
Interesting uniform grouping for a unknown U-Boot sailor which would have either served on U-37 or U-2536. Both boats used the "Dreizack" as their emblem.
An overall untouched blue EM/NCO sidecar with period time applied insignia and cap badge. Machine-woven cap eagle and cockade attached by hand. Perfectly matching. Definitely period time. The cap badge to the side was typically crafted from aluminum. It is attached by hand. The threads show a lot of patina and there is light oxidation to the cloth behind the badge. It does look period time attached to us.
Black liner. K 59 size stamped.
No mothing. Condition 2. Worn.
Classic leather jacket and trousers used by U-Boot crews. 
Typical trousers with cotton lining. A size "48" tag and a maker's tag "Hela Berufskleidung". A large "M" and a national eagle stamp next to the left pocket which proofs it was Kriegsmarine issued. Very soft leather. Well worn. A few seams have opened however good condition.
Waist: 90cm. Length: 98cm.
Typical leather jacket. No "M" stamp found. Soft leather. Typical liner. Tailor's tag was taken out. The buttons look to be re-attached. Good condition 2. Size M.

(U-37 Uniformensemble fr einen Matrosen)

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