Luftwaffe Nachrichten tunic to Ofw. Scheckel

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Auction ended: March 11, 2017
Early private purchased Luftwaffe signal troops 4-pocket tunic to Oberfeldwebel Günther Scheckel. There is a  Februar 1938 dated name tag to the inner pocket. Fine silk lining including a tailor's tag.
All insignia are certainly original attached. There is unique patina and slight corrosion on all insignia which proof everything is untouched and nothing has been removed or added.
Hand-attached early 1st pattern breast eagle. Aluminum and zinc "birds" to the collar tabs which are attached by hand.
All buttons are original attached.
There is no moth damage. A few really small bites if you look closely.
Size M.
Condition 2 to 2- for the corrosion.

(Luftwaffe Nachrichten Uniformjacke Ofw.Scheckel)

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