SS-Werfer Abt.501 Soldbuch grouping

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Complete file of SS-Kanonier Georg Malsam, born on 6.1.1926 in Radstadt, Ukraine. He became a German citizen (so-called §Volksdeutscher§) in 1944 since his parents and grandparents were Germans living in the UdSSR.
Malsam served with SS-Werfer Abteilung 501 from 1944. This unit was connected to SS-Division "LAH". 
 The file contains his Soldbuch with an original attached photograph of Malsam. He wears his M44 camo uniform on the photo which is extremely hard to find. The Soldbuch was issued in August 1944 and comes in excellent preservation. Furthermore, there is a rare "Umsiedlerausweis" (resettlement ID) with the same portrait photo period time attached.

The file contains 14 additional very interesting original documents. Many are SS/SD related and come with interesting stamps and signatures. Event he folder of this file is original and named to Malsam.
Extremely rare and complete grouping.

(SS-Werfer Abt.501 Soldbuch)

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