Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger trousers - 1st pattern

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Auction ended: September 23, 2017
Luftwaffe specific paratroopers jump-trousers ('Hose für Fallschirmjäger-Truppen'). First pattern. The pair is produced from the (early-pattern) greenish-coloured wool and comes in a moderately used ie. worn condition. Both side-pouches (normally present to store the 'FJ-Kappmesser') were period- and professionally removed (something that was more often done in the period). The pair shows two front-pockets (which have both pocket-flaps with still functional 'Prym'-mark 'snap-buttons' attached): the small-sized pouch (intended to store a watch) is also present but misses it greyish-coloured 'snap-button'. The pair shows two back-pockets and retains all its belt-loops and shows a beige-white-coloured lining (that shows an inked size-marking as to be expected). Both 'bottle-shaped' ends are nicely preserved (something that is not always the case) and come with their (functional but slightly damaged) cords in place. The pair is of a fair size and has a waist that approximately measures 80 cms. and has a length of: 108 cms.: it is clearly used and shows a few tiny holes and two repaired tears on its back. Still a desirable and rarely seen first-pattern- and period-altered: 'Hose für Fallschirmjäger-Truppen'!
Condition: II

(Luftwaffe Hose für Fallschirmjäger - 1.Modell)

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