Wehrmacht tropical shirt

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Auction ended: November 11, 2017
Wehrmacht, tropical-issue shirt (ie. 'Tropenhemd'). The shirt is executed in (regular-styled) greenish- (ie. tan-) coloured linnen and comes complete with all its (period) carton- (ie. metal-) based buttons. The shirt shows two (pleaded) front-pockets but is void of any shoulder-strap loops. The - long-sleeved - shirt is totally void of any makers'- or size-stamp (this might, however, be washed-away during wear and/or usage). The shirt is fairly large-sized and has an approximate waist of 120 cms. and length of 90 cms. The piece has clearly been worn and used and shows some fair usage and/or fading: it is, however, void of any real damage or alike.
Condition: II

(Wehrmacht Tropenhemd)

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