Don-Kosaken-Reiter-Reg. 1 - anti-partisan - 2 + Wehrpaß

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Wehrpass to Gefreiten Kurt Prasse serving with Don-Kosaken-Reiter-Regiment 1. Killed in action on 22.8.1944 in Russia.

Involved in anti-partisan combat "Bandenbekämpfung im Südostraum" from 1.10.1943 until 22.8.1944. Note on page 32. Wehrpass issued on 24.2.1942 with original photo. No awards.

Wehrpass to Oberjäger Wilhelm Prasse serving with 1./Jäger-Regiment 83. Killed in action on 14.1.1944 in Russia. He was the brother of Kurt Prasse.

Issued on 21.3.1937 with original photo. Awards: Sudetenland Medal, 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class, Krim Shield and Wound Badge in black. Campaign list from 1.9.1939 until 14.1.1944. Noted on page 32,33, 34 and 47. Involved in the campaigns in the west and east. Including a newspaper cutting of his death notice.

Good condition 2.




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