Luftwaffe "Hermann Göring" Flak service tunic - Gefreiter

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Auction ended: March 9, 2019

Nicely worn "Hermann Göring" Flak service tunic for a Gefreiter. A machine-embroidered cufftitle (REPLICA!) "HERMANN GÖRING" is attached to the sleeve by hand. Machine-embroidered EM/NCO breast eagle attached by hand. All aluminum buttons complete and original attached. White early twisted cord around the collar.

White collar tabs for a Kanonier with red silk piping. Re-attached by machine. The same type of piping was used for the sewn-in shoulder boards but in white color. A Gefreiter rank chevron was added by hand to the sleeve. The rank is not matching since the tabs would need a second pair of wings.

Grey cotton lining. LBA 39 depot marked and size stamped.

No serious moth damage however a few small bits if you look closely. Condition 2. Medium size.

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