Heer M43 tropical Transport tunic & trousers

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Excellent uniform grouping for a soldier serving with a transport unit. A fine tropical set without any signs of wear and age.

M43 tropical field tunic with fully originally attached insignia. Machine-attached collar tabs. Maschine- and hand-attached breast eagle. Slip-on shoulder boards with light blue silk piping. Originally attached buttons showing full factory paint. Attached with the original rings. "M43" marked to the inside as well as size stamped and "Reichsbetriebsnummer" marked. Typical khaki color lining. Both original belt hooks in place as well.

A textbook tunic in fabulous condition 1. Medium size.

Excellent straight trousers in unworn condition 1. White threads once holding the factory tag still in place. White cotton lining stamped with size markings as well as the "Reichsbetriebsnummer".

All buttons and the belt in place. Impossible to upgrade.
Waist: XXcm Length XXcm.

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