Kriegsmarine tropical service tunic - Stabsbootsmann

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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

Tropical Kriegsmarine service tunic. Pattern with open revert. Unworn tunic in very nice condition. A summer breast eagle is attached to three loops. Hollow constructed metal type. The buttons are complete and show a very dark, almost black patina. They are wrong for this type of tunic and were most probably re-attached. Also, not all rings holding the buttons are correct for this type of tunic. 

A large "Dunker & Stachowski" maker's mark near the button line (inside) as well as size markings. 

Shoulder boards for a Stabsbootsmann with "Maschinist" cyphers. 

A very nice unworn tunic in condition 1 (just two tiny holes which were closed). Badged up postwar with insignia and buttons. Well worth restoring with correct buttons!
Medium size.

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