Major Oppermann - personal field tunic

Lot 39-0006
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Auction ended: July 20, 2019

According to our consignor, this tunic originally came with the document grouping of Major Heinz Oppermann. Oppermann was awarded the German Cross in Gold on 1.12.1941. See next lot for his document grouping as well as more information on his service time.

Heer privately purchased field tunic designed like an M36 tunic. Pionier-Batallion 72 insignia for a Hauptmann. Machine-attached collar tabs (postwar attached), hand-attached shoulder board with cyphers showing excellent gilding.

Fine silk lining with a "Bulag München" tailor's tag. No name tag. Hand-attached breast eagle (postwar).

Loops for several awards to both breast pockets including a German Cross in gold and a Close Combat Clasp.
Hand-attached Krim Shield with original cloth backing.

Minor signs of wear. No damage. Condition 1-2. Medium size.

Please note that there is no final proof this tunic belonged to Hauptmann Oppermann.

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