Waffen-SS field tunic - SS-Sturmbannführer

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Auction ended: June 9, 2018
Privately tailored Waffen-SS field tunic for an SS-Sturmbannführer. The construction of the liner is typically Austrian. It is possible, that this officer was Austrian.
Textbook field tunic with original attached insignia. No signs of a previously attached breast eagle! "Besonders haltbar" marked original attached buttons with original color. Grey silk lining with many signs of wear to the collar region.
Officer's collar tabs, hand-embroidered officer's sleeve eagle. Both quite sloppy attached by hand with a thick thread. We do believe they are definitely period time attached like that. Black backed shoulder boards with silk white piping.
One pair of loops for one award, one pair for a ribbon bar. Both with clear signs of use/wear.
Good condition. Only a few really small moth bites.
Neck/collar region partially with torn lining.
Condition 2.
Size M

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