Consign to auction

If you are thinking of consigning with us, send us an e-mail or call us! We will be happy to evaluate your items and answer all the questions you might have. For more information and a form to upload pictures of your treasures go to consign to auction.

For more information on consigning go to consign to auction. Consigning is easy and usually works in three steps as follows.

  • 1. Send us a list of all the items you want to have at auction as well as some pictures.
  • 2. We will get in contact with you and discuss all the details. We will be happy to assist finding a starting price as well as finding the best way to offer your single items or entire collections.
  • 3. Ship all your items after our confirmation or visit us locally. We will take care of the rest. We guarantee detailled descriptions, top quality photos and extensive advertising to promote your items in the best possible way. We both want to sell your items for the best price! So offering them in the best way possible is our goal!
Selling through ratisbon's online auctions certainly also means getting paid quickly! Over 80% of all consignors get paid only 20 days after the end of the auction! How we will pay you? You let us know! We use all the common ways to pay. Bank drafts, Cheques, PayPal, Cash.
Please note you can also use your outcome on any orders placed with ratisbon’s at any time.
ratisbon's has thousands of customers, not only for top quality high end items but also for more common items. Selling through ratisbon's online auctions guarantees top market prices. We will find the perfect customer for you and protect you from losing money by selling to a dealer, who obviously needs to earn a profit too. Visit our about us page for feedback from our customers.

Our selling fee varies from 15% - 25% only. You can’t get any better, keeping in mind that ratisbon's reaches a world-wide collecting audience and achieves impressive market results. Our exact selling fees are 15% for items with a result of over 250 Euro and 20% for all lots with a result from 101-250 Euro. If an item sells for 100 Euro or less, we charge a 25% fee.

By the way, we offer lower selling fees for items of high value! Get in touch with us and we are happy to discuss details.
We only sell consignments at our regular auctions, however, if you have a very rare and special item you prefer to offer to the collector’s world via our online shop you may want to take advantage on our private sales program. Please click here for more details.