SS "Röhm" Service Dagger with hangers - Hammesfahr

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Auction ended: September 23, 2017

Extremely rare SS Service Dagger with so-called "Röhm dedication".

Fine black wooden handle with original attached enamel SS-emblem and eagle. No chips. Nickel metal parts. Cross guard "III" stamped. Steel blade with the motto "MEINE EHRE HEIßT TREUE" and removed "Röhm dedication". Remains are still visible. "Gottlieb Hammesfahr" maker marked.

Black repainted scabbard with two very small dents. All 4 original screws in place. Original black leather hangers. Soft. "A" (Assmann) maker marked as well as "DRGM". Clipper works correctly.

Good condition. 

(SS "Röhm" Dienstdolch mit Hänger - Hammesfahr)

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