After the auction

Congratulations! You were the highest bidder on your desired item. You will receive an email confirming all items won after the last lot of the auction has ended. This email may take until Monday to arrive. Make sure to regularly visit my ratisbon's/PAY WON LOTS to get the latest news on your order. Here, you can let us know about your favourite shipping or payment method before we send your invoice.

When your invoice is ready, you can also find all payment information at my ratisbon's/PAY WON LOTS. You will also be able to pay us from there or change your payment method in case there is any problem.

Please note that we may have hundreds of invoices to be sent so it may take a while to receive it. If you don’t have receive your invoice on Monday, please check your spam/junk folder or go to my ratisbon's/PAY WON LOTS. It will be there!
The email we send after all lots of an auction has closed is only to confirm the items you had won only. We will start to calculate shipping costs and send invoices on the Monday after an auction.
If you want to speed up the process, you can let us know about your preferred payment and shipping method for your new order here: my ratisbon's/PAY WON LOTS
Don't worry if you don't have time to let us know about your preferences, we will send an invoice suggesting the most convenient shipping method for this order automatically. We will simply use the payment method you have chosen for your last order.
Please note you can always change your shipping or payment method at any time after your invoice has been sent. Just drop us a line!

Please note that we may have hundreds of invoices to be sent so it may take a while to receive it. If you haven't received your invoice on Monday, please check your spam box. It will be there!
Yes, you can! Don’t pay your auction invoice and simply order what you were planning to purchase. Drop us a line asking us to combine orders if we haven't done so automatically in the meantime.
Even if you have already paid for your original order already, we can still combine orders if your original order has not already shipped.
Yes, that is absolutely no problem. In this case, please do not pay the invoice you received. Send us an email letting us know your new shipping address and we will send a new invoice. Paying your invoice before letting us know your new address can mean our shipping team sends your order faster than we can reply to your email. Please note that changing your address in our system does not update the address for an existing order.
All unsold lots marked as "available" can be still purchased after the auction has ended. We do charge a 24,5% buyer’s premium on unsold lots on the day the auction ended and offer a reduced buyer’s premium after 24 hours. The reduced buyer's premium offer is as follows: day 2: 17,5%, day 3: 12,5%, day 4: 7,5%. From day 5: 5%.